PURE Relaxation Therapies  - Happy are the PURE in heart

Focus your mind on the breath of life, and wonder of the moment as you are touched and healed.    

 Let our licensed, experienced and intuitive therapists help to identify your needs and weave a customized tapestry of therapeutic healing.  

We offer:
  • Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, Hot Stone, Ayurvedic, & Couples Massage (with one therapist or two) as well as ...
  • Aromatherapy (with dozens of options)
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
  • Guided meditation
  • Assisted Passive stretching including Thai Yoga Stretching

Rate: $50-80/hour -  Ask about how you can get discounted sessions.  We  offer affordable massage to fit every budget.  

Massage Therapy
reduces stress, anxiety and depression by causing the body to increase the therapeutic chemicals dopamine and serotonin; endorphins and relaxation alpha brain waves.  It boosts the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and improves lung function.  It also reduces stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline and ACTH (Adreno-cortico-trophic hormone).  
Sports Massage  reduces recovery time between workouts, reduces potential injuries, maximizes your performance for an event and improves transition after an event.

Massage helps to heal those suffering from physical and emotional trauma, abuse, isolation of depression and addiction, loss of a loved one, failing health; families and caregivers affected by illness or an accident.

Don't let your afflictions define you.  John 5:6 "When Jesus saw the crippled man lying there & learned how long he suffered, He asked him, 
"Do you want to be healed?" 

This question is surprising given that the cripple was laying for a long time by a pool known for healing.  But the man's reply to Jesus is even more surprising.  Rather than saying YES to an opportunity for healing, the man instead complained about his infirmities, the pool, and the history of others jumping in the pool ahead of him.  

Sometimes, we can pass by opportunities for healing, as we become defined and even crippled by our afflictions.
Say YES to healing!

Intense Vibration technology with surprising effectivness in eliminating muscular and fascial tension with minimal pain and time.  Experience the deep relaxation and healing incorporated into your session with no additional charge.



Therapeutic Massage-can be a powerful part of breaking negative patterns through holistic healing & nurturing.  A powerful connection can develop between client and therapist in a safe environment where healthy relating can be practiced in a pleasurable, peaceful, and comfortable way.  You will receive lasting benefits that strengthen, edify, and affirm your true self.  Healthy touch is a wonderful opportunity for nurturing from a trained, licensed, professional that is committed to keeping appropriate boundaries that facilitate calming, therapeutic renewal and healing. When we put our hands on each other, we're tapping into deep associations between touch and emotion that are kindled at the dawn of life.  Nothing is more pure or powerful for healing.  At PURE Relaxation Massage, we help clients to find the peace to focus on positive affirmations that nurture and heal your body mind and spirit. 

We do not perform any type of genital or sexual massage.  We try to "Avoid things that stimulate youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace.   Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts." 

15 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know
based on article By Kelli Boylen Originally published in Body Sense magazine.

1. We are not a masseuse, and, no matter how cool you think that word sounds, your massage therapist probably doesn't like it.  especially if he is a male therapist because the term is gender specific to a female.   Massage parlor is rather outdated as well. In years past, some "massage parlors" were really fronts for sex shops and (we)  did not take out student loans and complete more than 850 hours of training to be associated with prostitution. Trust me--I'm pretty serious about it. Jokes about "happy endings" are outdated as well.

2. Please be on time. We really like to work on you for the entire scheduled time. We often have another client coming in right after you, so it is unlikely for us to work on you past the scheduled appointment time. 

3. We don't care about the stubble on your legs. Unless a leg is shaved within a few hours of your massage, it has stubble on it. We don't mind this or leg hair, or hair anywhere.  As long as you are reasonably clean, we're all good. 

4. Your perfume may smell beautiful, but since we work in close proximity to you for more than an hour, it can get a little overwhelming. We prefer you wait until you leave our office to put it on. Some of our other clients have allergies to perfume, and it's hard to air out smells sometimes. 

5. You have no obligation to talk to us during a massage. If talking helps you relax, by all means go ahead. Otherwise, go to your happy place. 

6. To us, your butt is not cute or sexy. It's a big muscle, and we like muscles. If you have problems in your lower back, chances are that your gluteal muscles are involved with that as well. We can work your glutes with a sheet covering if that makes you more comfortable, but it seems kind of silly not to work on some of the biggest muscles in the body.

7. Even if you are comfortable with nudity, we don't want to see it. We are trained on how to properly drape clients to protect your modesty and ours. Just because we are comfortable with the sides of your buttocks, doesn't mean we want to see anything else. 

8. We have had extensive training in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology (the study of muscles and movement), pathology, and ethics. If we forget that you may not know all the same terminology we have learned, please ask us what we mean. We know where your medial malleolus is (that's your ankle bone on the inside of your leg), but if you haven't heard of that before, please ask.

9. If you have had a change in your medical condition since you were here last time, it is important that you tell us. If you tell us halfway through a deep-tissue massage that you are taking blood thinners, we are going to be thinking "uh-oh" in our heads. 

10. Tell us if you want more or less pressure. We are happy to oblige, and won't take offense. In fact, we love it if you tell us what you like and don't like as we go along--it helps us to individualize your massage to what you want and need. 

11. Yes, we put clean sheets on the table for every client. 

12. During the massage session, our job is to do bodywork. Your job is to relax. We love the tranquil look people get after their massage, so leave your worries somewhere else and leave your muscles to us. 

13. If you are unhappy, please tell us why. Sometimes a client doesn't return and we have no idea if we did something wrong or if you are just busy. 

14. If you are happy with what we do, tell your friends. We love referrals. 

15. Finally, enjoy your massage! We love our work and hope you do, too.

Kelli Boylen is a licensed massage therapist in Wisconsin and Iowa. She is a freelance writer and author of the blog Boylen Over. This piece originally appeared on www.goodblogs.com.

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